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Bonjour Kid's Socks

Bonjour hello good morning good afternoon good day Bonjour. Ce que j'ai What did I If only he'd smiled and said, " Hello, my boy. Hello, my boy.

What did you do to 'em? Holy hello, kid. Suggest an example.

French Greetings Song for Children

And yes, you can survive and thrive, in English. I grew up on a family farm in the western Canadian province of Saskatchewan, a place starkly different from Quebec City in terms of language, culture and even climate. Along the way, I taught English and nurtured a desire to learn another language myself.

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At that point, though, my French was essentially non-existent beyond oui, non and pamplemousse. I arrived in and taught English to help pay for my French studies at Laval University, a top-notch institution. Being an entrepreneur at heart, and armed with a finance degree, I saw opportunity and potential when the language training company, Ateliers de Conversation Anglaise ACA , I was working for came up for sale.