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The deeper experience of this grace, known as holiness or sanctification, is the outcome of wholehearted commitment to God and enables the living of a Christlike life. A country, part of a country or several countries combined, in which Salvation Army work is organised under a territorial commander. Connect with us.

Auxiliary-Captain A mature Salvationist beyond the age limit for full officer-training, who holds a warrant of appointment as distinct from commissioned rank, and who may undertake corps or social work similar to that of a commissioned officer. Cadet A Salvationist in training for officership.

How a General is Elected

Candidate A soldier who has been accepted for officer training. Census Board Established in a corps; responsible for the addition of names to, and removal of names from, the rolls. Chief of the Staff The officer second in command of the Army throughout the world. Citadel A hall used for worship. Colours The tricolour flag of the Army. Command A smaller type of territory, directed by an officer commanding. Commission A document conferring authority upon an officer, or upon an unpaid local officer, eg secretary, treasurer, bandmaster, etc.

General of The Salvation Army

Congress Central gatherings often held annually and attended by most officers and many soldiers of a territory, region or division. Corps A Salvation Army unit established for the preaching of the gospel and service in the community.

Corps Cadet A young Salvationist who undertakes a course of study and practical training in his or her corps, with a view to becoming efficient in Salvation Army service. Corps Sergeant-Major The chief local officer for public work who assists the corps officer with meetings and usually takes command in their absence.

Inside the High Council – William and Marilyn Francis

Dedication Service The public presentation of infants to the Lord. Division A number of corps grouped together, under the direction of a divisional commander. Envoy A local officer whose duty is to visit corps, societies and outposts, for the purpose of conducting meetings.

General The officer elected to the supreme command of the Army throughout the world. High Council Composed of the Chief of the Staff, all active commissioners, except the spouse of the General, and all territorial commanders. Spara som favorit.

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Skickas inom vardagar. The international leader of The Salvation Army is elected by a High Council comprised of more than of the Army's most senior leaders from around the world.

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  • Inside a High Council - How Salvation Army Generals are elected.
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In this book the author invites readers to step inside a typical High Council in session at the Army's conference centre in Sunbury-on-Thames to observe what happens. The High Council will not meet at its usual venue of Sunbury Court in Sunbury-on-Thames, United Kingdom, as this historic venue is presently undergoing a major refurbishment. Instead, it will meet at the Renaissance Hotel, near Heathrow to the west of London. This is not the first time the High Council has convened away from Sunbury Court — in and proceedings took place at Clapton, in the East End of London. The Chief of the Staff will preside over the opening of the High Council until such time as a president and vice-president have been elected.