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After much soul-searching, these are simply the 10 geniuses who, for me, have done so the most. But although experience has shown that many a pioneer trod his path [with] absolute certainty at a time when he was still held to be wandering half-demented, most people invariably turn against those who strike out into unknown regions of the spirit… New music is never beautiful on first acquaintance. They're dissonant. They're being jammed together. And that's a harsh sound, and he keeps insisting on it. That chord repeats and repeats and repeats, pounding away. But then these accents start landing in unexpected places, and you can't quite get the pattern of it…It's as if you're in a boxing ring, and this sort of brilliant fighter is coming at you from all directions with these jabs.

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Thank goodness we need never find out. But an enthusiastic public, deaf to such finicky debate, has lovingly listened on, through booms and busts, wars and peace; to say nothing of countless shifts in taste and fashion.

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  4. No one sang as well as her, and no singer changed pop music more..
  5. Ellington was the most prolific composer of the century. A spectacular innovator, he wrote music for all kinds of settings, from the ballroom to the nightclub; the comedy stage to the movie house; the concert hall to the cathedral. The essence of his genius lay in his uncanny knack of synthesizing apparently disparate elements of music, including ragtime, minstrel songs, the blues, and the sounds of everything from Tin Pan Alley to the European music tradition.

    Always directly expressive and deceptively simple, his blues writing exploded received notions of form, harmony, and melody; he broke our hearts with the ultimate romantic ballads; he provided vehicle after vehicle for the greatest jazz singers of the age; and, of course, he made us all swing. You could hear the wind stirring outside during the first movement. During the second, raindrops began pattering the roof, and during the third people themselves made all kinds of interesting sounds as they talked or walked out.

    Musically speaking, Britten was more conservative than many of the other titans of the century, but his influence and vision is inestimable, particularly in the field of opera. The landmark Peter Grimes radically placed an unlovable anti-hero at its centre, and is a musically breathtaking voyage to the darkest nooks of both individual and group psychology.

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    We owe him much. Bernstein was a populist: he unapologetically and urgently wanted to share the music he loved.

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    And as a composer, conductor, broadcaster, writer and educator, he sought to make it accessible to as wide a public as possible. The French firebrand composer defines the idea of what music today is, how it should sound, and how it could yet be. He is in his mids, still unerringly gracious and dignified in person, and shows no sign of slowing down. He can still be seen regularly conducting from the podium, he is ferocious in his commitment to educating younger artists— and he still continually pushes boundaries in his own music.

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    A living legend. The most imitated composer in the world is also one of the smartest and most ominovorously curious.

    The best singers of the 20th century

    Glass has collaborated with everyone from Paul Simon to Yo-Yo Ma, Woody Allen to David Bowie and his music appeals to listeners of all generations and backgrounds; genuinely bridging a gap between musical worlds which can often seem disconnected. A classically trained pianist, Simone has recorded extensively in many different styles: soul, blues, pop, gospel, Broadway Ironic, really, that it finally took a woman to define rock 'n' roll, considering rock is such a patriarchal form.

    Jett's Sex Pistols-produced debut solo album, Bad Reputation , was released on an independent label -- corporate America ignored the singer after the breakup of her first band, the all-female Runaways. Jett is included here above other female rock icons such as Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry for her influence on the Riot Grrls of Olympia rock music's first 7. Born in a New Orleans slum in , Jackson joined her local Baptist church choir at the age of four, and by the time she'd reached her teens she'd developed her own definitive, rhythm-led style.

    In the '60s, she became a force in the black civil rights movement, and even sang Precious Lord at Martin Luther King Jr.

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    Indeed, many of her 20 self-penned number-one country hits are about either standing by your man or getting divorced. But listen to the lyrics: After all, he's just a man Doesn't that indicate pity rather than obedience? Wynette led a turbulent life: The country star picked cotton as a kid, and went through a couple of stormy marriages, an unexplained beating, several stomach operations, and drug dependency.

    She's listed here not only because she had an incredibly soulful voice, but because she -- alongside Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline -- defined female county music in the '70s and beyond. She has generated an incredible body of work -- articulate, experimental, feminist, inspirational -- as 's massive Ono Box Set proves. She positively influenced John Lennon -- possibly the most important popular music icon of late 20th century -- encouraging him to lose his misogyny and become politically active.

    She was also directly responsible for Lennon's finest work, the primal scream therapy of Plastic Ono Band. Ono is America's most underrated artist. Through both her sex and her unflagging determination to keep reinventing her music, Hill has proved that rap doesn't need to be ugly or preachy or fall into whitey's gangsta stereotypes. Here is a modern-day role model to end all role models. Do you want to support The Stranger? Contribute here. News Dec 23, Newsletters Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events.

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